Our Story:

The Sussex Pantry (registered as Caetano Fine Foods LDT) was founded in 2021 by Holly Caetano Alves de Castro and has the aim of bringing high quality delicious foods to its customers while going beyond just doing our bit to be sustainable.   We aim to actively work on improving our environment, and have a positive social impact.

With that strong environmental and social agenda in mind we commit to a minimum of 50% of all profits to delivering on this mission.  With that in mind our mission statement is simple….Do the right thing!

Our values:

While we are a young company our values have been in the making for many years and are shared by Holly and everyone that we work with at The Sussex Pantry.  We work hard to find partners and suppliers that share these values, thereby creating an ecosystem of businesses that are committed to having a positive impact on our world.

Bee Humble We don’t like ego here at the Sussex Pantry, everyone is valuable and when our customers choose our products we are incredibly grateful for that.  We don’t take each other or our customers for granted and know that we’re fortunate to be here.

Empowering people Our founder has always had a dream of helping people but not simply through charity but through enabling and empowering them to be all that they canada want to be.  By ensuring our team shares our core values it enables us to empower our people to make decisions and do right by our customers and our society.

Active Improvement for the greater good.  We talk a lot about sustainability these days but here at The Sussex Pantry we don’t think that goes far enough.  Sustaining the current state of our world, whether socially or environmentally, is not enough.  As a human race we have broken our natural world and we have in many ways broken our society.  When you break a vase into 2 pieces you don’t think about how you can avoid breaking it into more pieces, you think about how to fix it.  We believe we need to think this way about our planet and so are doing everything we can to not just be sustainable but to actively improve things.

Our Logo; The Broken Bee

Our logo “The broken bee” was hand drawn and designed to represent our values as well as showing the most fundamental link to nature.  Honey bee’s are as humble as they come, each honey bee will make just 1/12 teaspoon of honey, so each jar sold represents the work of around 25,000 bees, flying around 90,000 miles.  Think about that the next time you’re enjoying your porridge :).  While flying those 90,000 miles they will visit around 2 million flowers and collectively account for 80% of the worlds pollination.  They have evolved over millions of years to create an incredible society of their own with hard our and the greater good at the heart of everything they do.

The broken wings of our honey bee logo represents that life can be hard and we all wear scars but here at the sussex pantry we feel we should wear those scars with pride.