Artisanal, small batch, fine foods

We produce artisanal fine foods made with the best quality ingredients, mostly grown in our own small fruit orchard. Perfect gifts or delicious items to stock your own pantry.

  • Artisanal

    Everything we make is handmade in small batches, we care deeply about the process and quality of our products, which is why we won’t ever hand it over to be mass produced.

  • Sustainable

    The planet needs our help and here at The Sussex Pantry we take that seriously, while we are a small business we believe in big impact and are focused on every aspect of our production and supply chain to make the best and right decision for our planet and society.

  • Sociably Responsible

    We not only want to look after our planet we want to look after our communities too. Thats why we spend a lot of time looking at our business how we operate and what we can do to help the community more. From supporting local charities to having a strong focus on diversity and inclusion.

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