Oman food adventures

Oman food adventures

Combining two of my favourite things… food and travel, throw a pet or an animal or two in there and I’m really onto a winner and so visiting Oman was not a disappointment! With camels kept as pets who are easily as cuddly as my cat back home and food to overwhelm the senses I already look forward to returning one day.

Roaming around the sooks of Nizwa and Muscat taking in the captivating sights and smells is enough to make anyone salivate.  From baskets of colourful spices to enormous clay pots filled with fruits it really is like being in the movies.  

But when it comes to Oman what it’s really all about it the coffee and dates!  Everywhere you go whether a hotel or someone’s home it is traditional to offer Omani coffee and dates. It’s a wonderful ritual really and certainly one that I will be taking home with me.

Usually presented on a huge silver or gold tray or sometimes a more humble woven mat the host will pour a tiny shot of local coffee into a cup smaller than an espresso.  So aromatic with its mix of spices it’s usually piping hot as I unfortunately kept forgetting.  Along with the coffee will be a bowl or water to dip your fingers in and then take a date from an ornately decorated metro dish.  The syrupy sweet dates mixed with the strong coffee really is the best way to have a coffee and certainly negates the need for any sugar or sweetness.

I can’t wait to adopt this ritual the next time I have visitors back at home!

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