10 beautiful wedding favour ideas

10 beautiful wedding favour ideas

Who doesn’t love a wedding.  I remember planning my own wedding and the bits I enjoyed the most were definitely the little details!  Those little Easter eggs that will make people remember what a wonderful day it was for years to come.

Back in the day (too many years ago) I was a bridesmaid to a lot of my older cousins and aunts and I so clearly remember those rock hard teeth breaking sugar coated almonds in little boxes with frilly ribbons that we all got to take home as a wedding favours.  Today things are a little different,  thoughtful gifts that show your appreciate for joining your special day can come in many forms, although it shouldn’t need to mean that you have to spend fortune!

Here are my top 10 favourite wedding favours ideas:

  • Locally made produce

Offering something that is produced locally is such a lovely way of celebrating the area that you have chosen for your special day.  Jams, chutneys, or something that the region is famous for works perfectly.  Alternatively to local you could also your favourite of something, maybe a yummy plum preserve.  We can make these in miniature sizes, as part of a set and of course beautifully gift wrapped

  • Personalised Christmas decoration

Certainly not unique to my family but we have always collected a Christmas tree decoration from everywhere we go, so when I'm decorating the tree I get to remember all of the lovely holidays and experiences that we have had.   A few years ago my husband and I went to a wedding where they gave small silver keys as wedding favours and I decided to turn them into a Christmas decoration so now every year along with our wonderful holidays I remember the fabulous wedding we went to to see two friends start their 'together life'

  • Something useful! 

Photo by Sara Budhwani

Getting married in summer? How about a handheld fan to stay cool?  I got married in August in Portugal and these were a godsend for our poor guests!  

  • Bespoke gift box

Gift boxes made up of all your favourite and meaningful things really do make it extra special. For a recent wedding we made the beautiful boxes you see above with a note inside explaining the storey behind each item.  Decorated the box with ribbon and a sprig of babies breath flowers as a touching tribute to the grooms late mother.  Drop us a note to discuss your own perfect gift.

  • Local honey

Why not try Holly's Honey, we can make up any size jars for you and even personalise the labels. 

  • Cookies or chocolates
AKA something to soak up the booze after the party ends
  • Candles

If you want sustainability and something natural check out our range of beeswax candles.  Cant find something you like? Let us know, we can make candles into almost any shape you like.

  • Books

I love to give books as gifts.  You can give so much meaning with a book as a gift.  Pick something that is meaningful to you, your favourite book or maybe something that will inspire your guests.  Write notes inside to really make it a lasting and personal favour.

  • Journal

Photo by Laura Chouette

Add a little note inside that says thank you for helping us start our next adventure, here’s a little notebook to help you plan yours!  If you want to make it really special have the notebook personalised by printing your names and wedding date on the cover, or perhaps add everyone’s individual names on their own notebook.

  • Tipple of something tasty

I think this is becoming less popular as drinking in general seems to be less important but if you do enjoy a cheeky Gin and Tonic why not a miniature of your favourite gin.  Or perhaps even a non-alcoholic alternative?


I hope you found this useful, we would love to help you and your guests celebrate your big day if you need and let us know in the comments what you gave as wedding favours!






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